Our Team

We meet you were you are and work together to create balance, clarity and positive change through coaching, therapy and psychiatric services in person and online.

We are committed to helping you live life bold and be there for those you love.

As a mother and daughter team, we understand and value the effort it takes to create healthy, authentic and fulfilling relationships. We do cross-refer at times, when clinically appropriate, and make every effort to provide our clients with access to outside resources when requested.


Mary Ann Schaepper, MD, Psychiatrist & Founder

Taking on mental health challenges is my passion. I meet you where you are, work with you as a unique person or family, and together we will create the results you seek. We will address your psychological wellbeing, medical health, strengths, social network, and sense of purpose. I am a trained psychodynamic and dialectical behavioral therapist and utilize these skills, along with psychopharmacology as needed, to realize your optimal mental health...

Julie Estrella, PhD, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

As humans we are hard wired to connect and yet somehow we still miss one another. It takes courage to risk in relationships, commitment to stay connected, and vulnerability to move towards shared meaningful experiences. When life throws you off your path, I am here to partner with you and your loved ones in giving you the resourceful and strategic support you need to find your strength and get back on the path to living a life you love. Let’s find ways to celebrate our relationships with one another, including ourselves, in the here and now...

Jessica Madrid, Administrative Assistant

Like any other form of self-improvement, self-care takes planning, effort and a good team. I am here to take care of the more logistical side of things. If you need to set up an appointment, deal with billing or get a prescription refilled I’ll be the one taking care of you. I look forward to speaking with you...
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