Areas of Specialty

  • Couples and pre-marital counseling
  • Dealing with cross-cultural and interfaith issues as a couple
  • Navigating parenthood
  • Re-igniting sexual intimacy
  • Dating at any age
  • Grief and loss (of child, marriage, health, job, etc.)
  • Integrating faith and sexuality in empowering way


You’re so tired of the turn your relationship has taken. Once full of fun and friendship, it’s now just monotony, repetitive fights, and a lack of connection. Even your sex life is suffering- awkward, infrequent- at times shameful. You still care deeply for your partner, but you miss feeling like a team. This can’t be all there is! Is this really as good as it’s going to get? You desperately need help to spark and revive a lasting healthy, emotional, and sexual connection.

Or maybe you’ve struggled your entire marriage with how to integrate your faith and ideas about sex. No one talked to you about what to do after your wedding night.  No one helped you deal with baggage from past relationships and you have yet to feel free and worthy of great sex. Perhaps you’ve searched the internet for guidance on how to please your partner, sent or received books in their efforts to “help” and yet in practice end up coming up short. You aren’t talking about sex, maybe not even having sex, as it’s become a raw spot between the two of you and yet you long to fulfill one another’s desires both emotionally, physically and spiritually. You’re in this for the long haul and wish you two could really hear one another’s dreams, fears and desires–the whole enchilada!

The good news is that we can reunite and reignite this relationship together! I use an integrated experiential approach to build emotional safety & trust. Grounded in attachment theory, solution focused therapy and sex coaching, I’ll help you to enhance intimacy on all levels. You’ll learn the skills you need for healthy mutual intimacy. Imagine a relationship where your relational injuries are repaired and you both get your needs met- it’s possible!

Sex, intimacy and emotional safety aren’t always easy topic to talk about, yet SO worth diving in! My approach is warm, straightforward, focused on strengths, and informed by research. All relationship statuses welcome. Call me to set up your free 20 minute phone consult today! It’s time to kick shame and discomfort to the curb!

Dr. Julie Estrella

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