Fee Schedule


For individuals (both child and adult) seeking psychiatric treatment there are three standard appointment types: a one hour “Intake Appointment,” a 30-minute “Ongoing Appointment”, and a 45-minute, “Intensive Therapy”.  All of the above include Tele-psychiatry options.

  1. The Intake Appointment (1 hour) is for an initial psychiatric evaluation. Includes current problems, medical and psychiatric history, risk/safety evaluation, diagnoses and setting collaborative treatment goals.
  2. The Ongoing Appointment (30 minutes) is where the individual works on his/her goals, practices skills, and collaboratively determines if the treatment plan and medications are on point.  Family members are asked to join in these sessions when needed.
  3. The Intensive Therapy (45 minutes) is recommended for those that want to do specific therapeutic work in addition to medication management.   It is not available for first time patients.


First Appointment $300.00
Ongoing Appointment $150.00
Intensive Therapy $225.00


An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) letter which outlines the psychiatric needs and recommendations for the student.

Disability Forms which reviews the individual’s history and current psychiatric needs and makes recommendations.

Legal Fees which may include adoption, placement, treatment referrals, custody, court attendance, depositions and travel time.


IEP letter $300/hour
Disability Forms $300/hour
Legal Fees $300/hour


For individuals, couples or families seeking therapy there are four standard appointment types: “ Individual Intake Appointment,”  “Couples & Family Intake Appointment“, “On-going Appointment,” and “Extended Appointment”.  If in crisis, or seeking urgent care, 3 hour  “Intensive Therapy” sessions are also availableAll of the above include Tele-therapy options, excluding the intake appointments.

  1. The Individual Intake Appointment (60 minutes) is for an initial evaluation. Includes review of current problems, strengths, medical and mental health history, risk/safety evaluation, diagnoses and setting collaborative treatment goals.
  2. For Couples and Families Intake Appointments (90 minutes), we ask that you plan on two to three sessions to complete the initial evaluation. This will include being seen together, individually, and then again as a couple or family to determine treatment goals. This is critical in accurately assessing the needs of all participating family members.
  3. The Ongoing Appointment (45 or 60 minutes) is where the individual, couple or family works on goals, practices skills, and collaboratively implements the treatment plan.  For individuals, family members are asked to join in these sessions when needed. For couples and families, this may include being seen individually or together, depending on your goals, typically for an hour.
  4. The Extended Appointment (90 minutes) is recommended when you would like to take something on more in depth, in times of crisis, or for couple and family intake evaluations. Some couples prefer the longer appointments, depending on your needs.

Intensive Therapy (typically 3 hours or 4 sessions) is recommended for those that want to do specific therapeutic work in a condensed period of time.  Sometimes we need focused support in the short term, to help set ourselves up for the bigger picture. This may include times of crisis or transition.  Commonly used by new parents adjusting to parenthood, couples going through major changes that need immediate attention, family counseling when family is in town, dealing with loss and grief, etc.  These can be done at our office, online or in your home.

Individual Intake Appointment (60 min)

Couples & Family Intake Appointment (90 min)

Ongoing Individual Appointment (45 min)

Ongoing Couples Appointment (60 min)

Extended Appointment (90 min)






Intensive Therapy (3 hours or 4 on-going sessions) $550

(NOTE: additional charge for travel time for in-home visits)



Schaepper Psychiatry is a Fee for Service practice.  For those who have a PPO insurance, our detailed billing may allow your insurance to reimburse you at the “Out of Network” rate, and we can provide a Super Bill upon request.

You can pay by cash, check, or credit card. We accept VISAMasterCardDiscover, and American Express cards. Also, if you prefer to use a credit card, you can provide your credit card information on file. That way your card can be quickly processed at the beginning of your appointment and you will receive maximum session time from your provider.

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